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The Bad News

Earnley Concourse has now closed and the Worthing Quartet Workshops are likely to do the same.

The Good News

I have now handed over the organizing of the Residential Courses (2 per year at a new venue) to Margaret McDonald.     Any enquiries for these courses are to be directed to her   (contact details below).

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                            MOST  IMPORTANT

I have run the Worthing Quartet Workshops for 14 years and am looking to hand-over to two volunteers.

PLEASE come forward. The work is enjoyable and is only FOUR times per year.  Contact Brian (below).





Informal Orchestras and Music Courses for strings


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Other Interests - Small Orchestras

The Arun Light Orchestra meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm.

Venue:  Rustington Methodist Hall, West Sussex.


The Jefferies Orchestra meets on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm.

Venue:  Broadwater Methodist Church Hall, Worthing, West Sussex.


! !  All string and wind players are given a warm welcome ! !


Brian Rogers


Contacts below:



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